It’s almost been a month of little leaves…and flowers! Oops. So much for a weekly schedule…

These teeny tiny hoya flowers look like creepy little fingers!!
The from-tuber caladiums are making flowers?!
The first hoya flowers hiding under little leaves!
Definitely pink orange. More cool pink streaks in the other leaves…

More hoya flowers! So tineh

This variegated beauty is coming into its stripes…and wow check out the variations in the surrounding leaves. So detailed!
Are we gonna get orange??!
fuzzy smalls…and stripey bigs nearby again.
So small and shiny. The dark veins in the other leaves are neat!!
A tiny sarian ready to do acrobatics.
Hope can start small but grow…chubby?
First fenestration??

Monster(a) Kerrii always making new leaves…
Tiny hairs on a tiny leaf!!
all the little leaves!
It’s pinkening!
creepy dark veins
More pink!

I can’t decide between two of my favorite Big Leaves…

What’s usually a dusty silver grey, as evident by the Left leaf, is coming out as New Leaf light green with grey shading. Cool!
Beautiful heart-shaped leaf!
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